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One of the things I like most about Logistel is that, as a broker, I create the quote, contact the customer, and walk them all the way through the safe delivery of their vehicle. It is both challenging and rewarding and I have become more organized and a better communicator as a result.”- Krystal, American

Logistel provided me with a great opportunity to achieve success and earn a good salary and ensured that I was provided with the tools and knowhow to achieve that success in a friendly and professional environment.”- George, American

Logistel is an energetic, fast-paced, interesting place to work with friendly and helpful colleagues who are always willing to assist with queries or listen to new ideas. No day is ever the same, which keeps the job interesting and it has allowed me develop old and new skills.”-Kim, English

Working for Logistel means working in a professional environment where employees are appreciated by the management. For me, it has been a great opportunity to be part of an enthusiastic team within a fast growing company.- Nenna , Dutch

I feel very fortunate for finding this job. I am surrounded by Spanish, which I love, but able to take advantage of being an English speaker in Buenos Aires. Logistel is a laid-back and fun environment.  My co-workers are a great bunch and everybody is very helpful and friendly.  I have learned so much at this job and each day brings new challenges.” - Taylor, Canadian

I joined Logistel as a sales agent over a year ago and what a year it has been!! I worked in sales for over 11 months then was promoted into a full-time HR position. Although I thoroughly enjoyed sales and loved the buzz, my background is in HR and I am very passionate about it. Here at Logistel they encourage an open door policy so I started suggesting recommendations for the HR processes in place and one thing led to another and I slowly was working more and more with HR related work. Now fulltime, I get to be a part expanding the company and assist the needs of our current employees.” -  Andrea, Irish



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