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Logistels Values and Future Goals Recruitment Statement
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"I enjoy the daily challenges that we face , and the camarderie of the entire team of management, sales agents, and customer service agents all pulling together to resolve these challenges."

General Manager

"With the addition of every new team member, Logistel procures a fresh identity.  Working in training and quality allows me to begin each employee's journey with them, ensuring they have the necessary tools to prosper in their positions and fulfill their personal goals; as they become independently competent, I then get to encourage fresh contributions to our processes, procedures and objectives.  We merge an ambitious set of business goals with a familiar atmosphere, which makes every day here gratifying!"

Quality, Control and Training Manager

"During the period of my employment here at Logistel the company has grown substantially. I thoroughly enjoy being a part of it and seeing how everybody develops and grows within the company from the first stage of the selection process and after. So what makes Logistel a great place to work? - The people, each member has contributed to create an outstanding work environment which is reflected in the everyday workings of the company. I am very proud to be part of the team."

HR Officer



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