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Logistel is committed to the recruitment, development, and retention of the highest caliber of employees, which allows us to provide create and maintain stellar relationships with our clients.

We are a midsized company based in the city center of Buenos Aires, Argentina.   Our projects range from 1-2 specialized agents to up to 40 dedicated agents on our largest campaigns.

Diverse nationalities, a wide span of age groups and varied work histories make our team exciting to be a part of and equipped to flourish no matter what challenges our clients bring us.

We are firmly grounded with in-house training for all new hires specific to the projects they have been recruited for.  Continuous, on the job training is another pillar of strength in our organization which ensures unlimited internal growth for our team and optimal results for our clients.

Everyone on our team enforces and encourages an open door policy; open communication equals job satisfaction and optimal performance.  We see no reason why professionalism and comfort cannot coexist.

We attribute a considerable measure of our growth and success over the years to our employees’ skills, creativity and innovations.  We are constantly striving to make Logistel a better place to work.



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