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Before selecting a provider we encourage you to contact one of our Account Managers to inform you about our services.

We can help you on clarifying any doubt about our services as well as planning your service strategy.

With Logistel SA as your provider, you can focus on your business while we focus on supporting you.

To contact us directly, fell free to call us or email us to:





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To contact us directly, fell free to call us or email us to:

Locations and addresses

South American Office

Logistel S.A.
Rivadavia 893
Buenos Aires

North American Office

Logistel Call Center Services
700 West Virginia Street  
Tallahassee, FL 32304
United States
Toll Free.+1(888)757-5715 

European Office

Logistel S.A.
ul. Trakt Brzeski 142
05-070 Sulejowek
Tel. +48(22)398-3731


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Call Center Products

We are innovating on Support Products for Call Centers providing all kind of services as:
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Call Center Services

Logistel SA has a large variety of call center services for your business
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