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Logistel SA brings you a set of services, built on technology, excellence and professionalism. We are focused on delivering the best, fast and low cost solutions to your businesses

Logistel was founded by an international trio of directors inspired by the need for quality outsourcing services in today’s consumer-focused market.  By pooling their own diverse backgrounds in IT, Sales and Accounting, they created the infrastructure of a business that attracts competent and motivated employees and consistently exceeds the expectations of clients.

You can see our commitment to advancement by the use of cutting edge VOIP, CRM, IVR, reporting and customer information technologies.

2007 found us with an average of three employees on the roster and now, in 2012, we are immensely proud to have a team of over forty staff members that fill our headquarters in Buenos Aires, Argentina. 

Stepping through our doors, you can see that we have cultivated an environment rich with cultural and professional diversity.  We believe in solid initial training and continued, interactive coaching; both of which lead to satisfaction, not only for our clients, but for our team of young professionals’ growth and sustained enthusiasm for our work.




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